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Horse assisted coaching

How horse assisted coaching sessions work?

Sessions take place on a horse arena, participants interact directly with horses on foot, thus no previous experience with them is required. When a session begins, communication and connection with the horse is established, he will not provide judgment or critic, he simply reacts to the participant’s behavior.

Sessions are theme-focused, and participants interact with horses, with themselves and with other members of the group. The experience provides the participant with self-esteem, security and patience.

Interaction with the horse supplies feedback to the coach on the participant’s emotional state, intentions and communication skills with others. These information provides insight to each participant’s weaknesses and strengths. The coach analyses how participants think and what resources are applied in problem solving situations. 

Business oriented horse assisted coaching

“What we hear, we forget, what we see we remember, what we experiment we learn.”

For people who want to live an unforgettable experience. Coaching Workshops specialties: Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, for Couples, for Family members, for Children, Self-esteem, Stress Management, etc.

This work benefits the organization applied to leadership and teamwork.

Horses act as mirrors reflecting the attitude of the participants, enabling the coach to work with them in regards to leadership, teamwork, nonverbal communication, empathy and coherence with others.

During a session, participants are taught certain abilities that they are already aware of but do not know to what extent they apply them in real life. We can observe our real conduct interacting with a horse in 20 minutes.

A chief executive form a certain company realized during a session with horses that he was poorly assertive and this was affecting his working capabilities. When he shared this finding with his wife, she told him that for 20 years she had been trying to tell him exactly the same thing, only that he wouldn’t listen.

What the horse gives us through the sessions?

• They act as a MIRROR to our emotions and state of mind.
• They give us immediate and sincere feedback.
• The do not judge us, they simply react.
• They place us on the HERE and NOW.
• They transmit CALMNESS and SERENITY.
• They enhance our SENSIBILITY and PERCEPTION of the environment.
• The help us REFLECT and CONNECT with ourselves.
• They teach us the importance of DETERMINATION, COHERENCE and ADAPTATION.
• LIFE LESSON: they make us feel emotions and facilitate the process of change.
• They demand constant and honest LEADRESHIP showing us the necessary skills to achieve it.

¿Why are sessions combined with horses?

Horses are prey animals that have developed a way to interpret their environment efficiently. Their natural sensibility, pre-disposed communication, trust to humans, along with the horse´s natural abilities, add to a unique life lesson experience.

Benefits and Abilities working with horses

• Empathy
• Nonverbal communication
• Coherence and clarity.
• Our leadership: assimilate and transmit necessary qualities to be a good leader
• Teamwork.
• Self-esteem
• Trust.
• Assertiveness.
• Impulsiveness control.
• Tolerance to frustration.
• Adaptively: give the adequate response at the right time
• Improves attention span.
• Flexibility and adaptability. Being capable of finding alternatives to different situations
• Energy regulation
• Improves our relationship with other people and the environment


  • Basic: Coffee Break (water, fruit salad, coffee and cookies), estimated duration 3 hours
  • Platinum: Coffee Break (water, fruit salad, coffee and cookies), estimated duration 3 hours, includes breakfast or lunch
  • Premium: Coffee Break (water, fruit salad, coffee and cookies), estimated duration 3 hours, includes breakfast or lunch, polo shirt and hat with our School´s logo


  • Basic: $2,000.00 MXN per person
  • Platinum: $2,500.00 MXN per person
  • Premium: $3,500.00 MXN per person


15 minutes, Welcome message
20 minutes, Facility tour
20 minutes, Staff introduction
1 hour, Activities with horses
15 minutes, Break
1 hour, Activities with horses
1 hour (meal, optional)
Total experience 250 minutes (+ 4 hours)

The workshops are carried out on outdoor and indoor arenas, so we recommend the participants to bring sun screen protection, comfortable clothing like jeans and high heel shoes like boots, since arena surface is sand-like material.

Session Capacity:
Group of Participants, between 5 and 20; if the number of participants exceeds the limit, previous notice is required for the accurate planning of the session.